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An Olympus fork (OHM fork) is a project that takes the code and features of Olympus DAO but rebrands it. Often times, these projects are outright scams and quick cashgrabs.

OHM fork table

Name Founded Network Peak Current Status
Wonderland 9/2/2021 Avalanche $2.78b TVL[1] Active
AsgardDAO 8/11/2021 Ethereum $5.4m TVL[2] Inactive2
HadesDAO 7/24/2021 Ethereum $175k TVL[3] Inactive1
AvarestDAO 8/29/2021 Avalanche $230k raised Inactive1
AnubisDAO 10/27/2021 Ethereum $60m raised[4] Rugged
InfinityDAO 11/02/2021 BSC Not recorded Rugged
RainDAO 10/07/2021 Ethereum $1.6m raised[5] Rugged
Klima DAO 10/18/2021 Polygon $1.18b TVL[6] Active
Snowbank 11/08/2021 Avalanche $333m mcap[7] Inactive2
Spartacus 10/25/2021 Fantom $165m mcap[8] Active
Hector DAO 11/08/2021 Fantom $333m TVL[9] Active
Invictus DAO 11/05/2021 Solana $329m mcap Inactive2
Redacted Cartel 11/01/2021 Ethereum $600m TVL[10] Active
Lobis 11/22/2021 Ethereum $46m TVL[11] Inactive2
Umami Finance 11/02/2021 Arbitrum $37m TVL[12] Active
TempleDAO 11/20/2021 Ethereum $426m TVL[13] Active
SquidDAO 11/06/2021 Ethereum $366m TVL[14] Inactive2
Houses of Rome 11/20/2021 Moonriver $262m TVL[15] Active

Dates in MM/DD/YYYY

1Tried to rugpull/exit, failed

2Redistributed treasury to holders

List in progress