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AnubisDAO is an infamous liquidity rugpull that occured in October 2021. After raising almost $60m in ETH[1] during a Copperlaunch LBP, the liquidity was pulled, moved to a different Ethereum address, and has not been moved.[2]


Anubis was planned to be a memecoin-themed fork of Olympus DAO. The protocol was announced over Twitter on October 27th, 2021,[3] although the first Tweet from Anubis was in response to Olympus DAO's member Jawz idea of marketing OHM to the same people that buy Shiba Inu.[4]

Hype built for the project on crypto twitter (CT), 0xSisyphus posted a photo of the Egyptian god Anubis.[5] DCF GOD posted a tweet saying the project is obviously not a rug.[6]