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HadesDAO was an Olympus DAO fork. Founded in July 2021, it is one of the earliest recorded Olympus forks.[1][2] The developers left the project a couple months after launch and the project has remained inactive since August 2021.


Hades was designed with Olympus in mind, with the fair launch being an OHM-denominated sale. As recorded in the launch Medium[3]:

Anybody will be able to mint alphaHADES at a price of 0.8 alphaHADES per 1 OHM. This means you are buying HADES at a 25% premium, because the protocol backs each HADES with OHM at a 1:1 ratio. To compare this to Olympus, this is like being able to buy 0.8 OHM for 1 DAI.

The project launched but never gained real traction as the original pitch as an adversary to Olympus was not well-received by the pro-Olympus cohort at the time.

The project also eventually allowed users to bond OHM and received the protocol's token HADES in return for a discount.[4]

After amassing 361 OHM in the HadesDAO treasury, the project has since remained inactive and deleted their Twitter account and website that was formerly hadesdao.finance.[5] HadesDAO has not returned any community funds or redistributed their treasury. Long-time Olympus DAO contributor "Z" has reported that the team tried to get the OHM out of the treasury contract to rug, but were unable to do so.[6] The Olympus fork AsgardDAO had a similar issue with bonding, although Asgard eventually redistributed their treasury back to their holders.