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Sablier is a money streaming protocol available on Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche and BSC. It's the first of its kind to have ever been built in crypto, tracing its origins back to 2019. Similar to how you can stream a movie on Netflix or a song on Spotify, so you can stream money by the second on Sablier.

How does streaming work on Sablier?

Imagine a salary worth 3,000 DAI paid by Alice to Bob over the whole month of January:

  1. Alice makes the 3,000 DAI deposit in the Sablier contract before Jan 1, setting the stop time to Feb 1.
  2. Every second beginning Jan 1 makes Bob richer.
  3. On Jan 10, Bob will have earned approximately 1,000 DAI.
  4. If at any point during January Alice wishes to recover her money, she can cancel the stream and recover what has not been streamed yet.

Streams Properties

A money stream has six properties:

  1. Sender.
  2. Recipient.
  3. Fixed deposit amount.
  4. ERC-20 token used as streaming currency.
  5. Start time
  6. Stop Time