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OP Stimpack, the is the first formal action of the Token House. proposal activates the Governance Fund (231,928,234 OP) to begin incentivizing growth on Optimism.


Launch Date:5/3/2022

Total Funding Allocated: ~232M $OP

Total Funds Distributed to Date (if available): not yet disclosed

What Asset(s) are the funds paid out with (native token versus $USD, for example): $OP

Where funding is tracked: yet to be seen if they will release a formal tracking dashboard. You can find notes on their methodology at this page.

Area(s) of Focus

The focus for this initial incentives program from Optimisim is to reward new and existing projects that have driven growth of the Optimism ecosystem.


Very detailed explanation of their governance fund can be found on their docs page here Below is how they will be measuring performance for this incentives program:

  • TVL was pulled from DeFiLlama’s Optimism TVL data. DeFiLlama’s staking, pool2, borrowing, and double count categories were all filtered out in order to focus on core product TVL.
  • Transaction count was based on the project usage snapshot dashboard, with contract to project mappings performed manually.
  • We calculated average transactions per day over the last 30 days. If a project deployed less than 30 days before April 1, we averaged transactions per day over the period it was live.

How to Apply

You can find information on requirements for proposals and how to submit on their governance forum here

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