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DeFiLlama is the largest TVL aggregator for DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Our data is fully open-source and maintained by a team of passionate individuals and contributors from hundreds of protocols. Our focus is on accurate data and transparent methodology.[1]


  • DeFi
    • Chains: Visualizations of TVL of protocols separated by what chain they're on
    • Airdrops: List of tokenless protocols that may airdrop in the future
    • Oracles: Visualization of protocols that are secured by specific oracles
    • Forks: Visualization of protocols that are forked from other protocols and their dominance in DeFi
    • Top Protocols: A chart of the highest TVL protocol of different categories for each chain
    • Comparison: Visualizes a comparison of TVL for protocols that a user selects
    • Categories: Lists all categories protocols fall under on DeFiLlama
    • Recent: Table of recently listed protocols on DeFiLlama
    • Languages: Shows TVL breakdown by smart contract language, and percentage of Solana protocols that are open source vs. closed source
  • Yields
    • Pools: Overview of all yield generating pools listed on DeFiLlama.
    • Borrow: Overview of supply and borrow rates for lending protocols listed on DeFiLlama
    • Strategies: Given a collateral token this finder will display "lend-borrow-farm" strategies across all of DeFiLlama's tracked pools. It calculates the total Strategy APY taking into account the individual apy components at each step.
    • Leveraged Lending: This page displays leveraged lending APY values. The way this works:
      • Deposit collateral amount N into pool X
      • Using your collateral, borrow from the same pool X using the max LTV
      • Deposit the borrowed amount M into pool X
    • Overview: Shows various aggregated statistics and visualizations of yield generating protocols integrated with DeFiLlama
    • Stablecoin Pools: Same as the yields Pools page, with filters for stablecoin based yields forcibly enabled.
    • Projects: Overview of all projects integrated with DeFiLlama yields.
    • Halal: This list aims to a practical tracker for halal defi yields. We're not islamic scholars, this is just meant as a useful tool.
  • Borrow Aggregator: Given a token to use for collateral and a token to borrow, this calculator will look at all the lending protocols and calculate how much would it cost to borrow on each one, taking into account incentives, supply APR and borrow APR, providing a list of all possible lending routes, their cost and LTV.
  • Bridges
  • Liquidations
  • DEXs
  • Fees
  • Raises
  • Stables
    • Overview: Stacked line visualization of all stablecoin market caps alongside a table of stablecoin metrics.
    • Chains: Pie chart visualization of all chains stablecoin marketcaps alongside a table of chain stablecoin metrics.
  • Hacks


DefiLlama provides a suite of tools for anyone to use including:

  • Watchlist: Users may identify protocols they wish to see compared against each other in a single view. Users can have multiple watchlists. Users can add any protocol to their currently selected watchlist by clicking the bookmark icon next to any protocol on any page. These watchlists are saved locally.
  • Directory: Users can search any protocol to go straight into their website, avoiding scam results from google.
  • Roundup: DefiLlama collects daily news on happenings around web3 and DeFi and publishes them for free. Users can get the roundup daily through their telegeram, or discord.
  • Wiki: The DeFiLlama wiki aims to become the encyclopedia of crypto. It is written and maintained by a community of volunteers through a model of open collaboration, using a wiki-based editing system and it aims to be community-driven, neutral and unbiased.
  • APIs: APIs returning JSON objects are available for the underlying data on DeFiLlama around TVL, token pricing, stablecoins, yields, as well as an ABI decoding utility.
  • CSV Data Download: A one click button offering CSV formatted data of all underlying data on DeFiLlama