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Research will focus on two primary areas within the crypto space: Incentives Programs and Grants.

We will be looking to find and track the information on both the master grants list along with individual entries for each fund (examples here and here). The goal is not to be super detailed or spend lots of time analyzing instead we are here to cover quite a bit of ground and work to keep the list of grants across crypto current and available.

Contribution Guidelines

Below you will find details on the minimum amount of information needed for an entry and then some explanation on how to add more details if that information is available (and you are willing to put in the time to create and maintain the entry!)

Minimum Contribution:

At a minimum, we want to have each entry on the table linked to an announcement or website where information on the program can be found. You will find a column titled 'link' where you can add this information and then hyperlink to source. Please make sure you following the naming convention for that column that is consistent with other entries.

Detailed Contribution:

If able to complete the base template shown below that is preferred but not required. In addition to the basic information we are trying to capture we do invite additional details or information outside of what is contained in the template if available but it's not necessary. If you see grant entries that only have hyperlinks in the Link(s) column that indicates an entry where a more complete explanation (using the template) is needed (contributors welcome!)

Adding and Editing Entries to The Master List

Below is a snapshot of the master grants list table. This is (currently!) a simple table that has four columns. An explanation on each is below for clarity:

  • Name: list here than name of the grants or incentives program. You can see in the case of Avalanche below that one entity may have multiple programs and that is why you follow their naming convention and not name entries generically based on the managing organization. After naming you can create a new page for that entry if you have the information described above for a Detailed Contribution.
  • Type: Two options - Incentives Programs and Grants. Look at these hyperlinks if confused.
  • Status: List if currently open (accepting applications) or closed. It is fine to add historical entries into this database if you think relevant so don't think you just need to add open grants programs here.
  • Link(s): This is where you will list the most relevant links pertaining to the program. Please name following the convention in place and make sure to hyperlink after adding. Note: For many of the entries a detailed contribution (as described above) is not present so these links are going to be the best guide for users looking for information.
Master Grants List Example.png

Information Gathered

Below is a brief overview of the information we are hoping to gather for each of the grants and incentives programs entries that are Detailed Contributions. Keep in mind that much of the information and its' availability varies by fund so please assume best effort but we make no guarantees as to completeness of information.

  • Overview
    • Launch Date:
    • Total Funding Allocated:
    • Total Funds Distributed to Date (if available):
    • What Asset(s) are the funds paid out with (native token versus $USD, for example)?
    • Where funding is tracked?
  • Area(s) of Focus:
  • Governance:
  • How to Apply?
  • Announcements, forum posts, news articles or other media that may be relevant


The template mentioned can be found by creating a new page for a Detailed Contribution, adding the name and a description and then choose template from the list as show in this picture. You can also access the template by visiting the page below:


Use Template.png


Reach out via discord in the #llamao-grants channel and someone can help.