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Frog Nation is a group of projects spearheaded by Daniele Sestagalli and his team of masterminds with the ultimate goal to OccupyDeFi.


Daniele Sestagalli

Daniele has been in the blockchain space for quite some time. Based on his past interviews, he started interacting with blockchain through Bitcoin in 2011. He was the CEO of Zulu Republic, a blockchain project supposed to run on Ethereum in 2018.

Another notable member goes by the alias @squirrelcrypto on Twitter.


MIM is Abracadabra’s native stablecoin. Abracadabra is a lending protocol where users typically deposit interest-bearing tokens to borrow Magical Internet Money (MIM).

Abracadabra ($SPELL) — $SPELL is the second token on the Abracadabra ecosystem. Users can stake this token to earn $SPELL tokens, where holders are entitled to voting rights and protocol fees. Users usually stake for 24 hours.

Popsicle Finance is a next generation platform for yield enhancement that focuses on AMM (Automated Market-Making) Liquidity Providers.

Wonderland is a protocol that runs on Avalanche blockchain, and $TIME is one of the tokens on this protocol. Transacting on this protocol is easy and cheap and users can buy tokens on TraderJoe, stake them and also unstake them with considerable fees.