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Atrix is an AMM built on Solana which utilizes Serum’s order books and allows for permissionless liquidity pool and farm creation. Atrix will provide users and projects the best experience for swapping on and adding liquidity to Serum, and interacting with farms.

Order Book

Order books, such as Serum’s, allow markets to efficiently price assets through maximal liquidity distribution expressivity. However, this expressivity can often only be utilized by sophisticated actors such as market makers. Atrix bridges this gap by allowing users to add liquidity directly into Serum through a constant product equation, which benefits protocol users because of its simplicity, and the Serum ecosystem because of increased liquidity.


Atrix allocates all tokens deposited into its liquidity pools into Serum based on a constant product equation. Atrix utilizes this equation to create a number of open orders on Serum which are updated as swaps and trades are performed.

Liquidity Pools

Users can create liquidity pools for any Serum market. Depositing liquidity in these pools will return Atrix LP tokens (ALP) which represent a proportional share of the liquidity in the pool. ALP tokens can then be used as money legos in other protocols, or can be staked in Atrix farms.


Users can create ALP liquidity mining farms with custom token emissions using an intuitive interface with zero coding knowledge required. Users can choose between allocated emissions, or minted emissions. With allocated emissions, users can deposit an amount of a token they would like to be distributed to stakers. With minted emissions, new tokens are minted every second to be distributed, instead of being allocated upfront, similar to protocols such as Sushiswap.


Atrix has no deposit or withdrawal fees. Atrix generates fees like markets makers do on order books. It places order with a 0.20% increase in price, effectively creating a 0.20% fee. All fees are kept by Atrix LPs.