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XDAO - MultiChain DAO Ecosystem Built For Decentralized Future, XDAO is the fastest framework to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations

Process Create a DAO

  1. Create your DAO by distributing GT shares with your teammates and setting up a quorum.
  2. Send assets to your DAO or raise investment by using LP tokens.
  3. Connect the necessary modules to expand the capabilities of your DAO.
  4. Use "Connect" to interact with DeFi projects and make a profit.

DAOs Examples

Trust Management

  • Collect funds and invest in other projects through launchpads and other platforms

Venture Investments

  • Reducing the risk of loss of funds. Make decisions about spending in invested companies

Hedge Funds

  • Connect to any DeFi protocol and deliver liquidity through the DAO

Gaming Guilds & NFT Funds

  • Create a DAO and use it as a guild. You can also jointly buy and sell NTFs

Project Money Management

  • Manage your shared project budget


  • Distribute funds transparently and securely through the DAO