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Unknown is a protocol for optimizing yield, voting rights, and liquidity provision on Cone. Cone is a decentralized exchange (AMM) where tokens can be exchanged with user-provided liquidity. These users earn CONE emissions. Those who lock CONE will receive veCONE and a higher percentage of CONE rewards. veCONE or vote escrowed CONE is a concept first introduced by Curve Finance that aims to reward long-term users of a protocol. Those holding veCONE will receive trading rewards from the protocol as well as voting rights to direct CONE issuance.

Unknown Token (Unknwn)

  1. Lock to receive a share of platform fees as unknwnCONE.
  2. Lock Unknwn for vlUnknwn to vote for CONE emissions gauge weights.
  3. Unknwn is minted pro-rata for each CONE token claimed on Unknown.
  4. Any changes to Unknown's emissions will be controlled by holders of vlUnknwn.

unCONE (Tokenized veCONE)

Tokenized deposits, minted 1:1 for each CONE locked in the platform.

Stake to receive platform fees (CONE), bribes and trading fees, Unknwn, and unknwnCONE rewards.

Unknown Fee Structure

There is a 20-30% total fee on all CONE revenue generated by CONE LP's on our platform. Fees can be adjusted within the following hard coded ranges:

  • 10% goes to unCONE stakers. This is paid out as CONE.
  • 5% goes to vote-locked Unknwn. This is paid out as unCONE.
  • 0-5% goes to unCONE/CONE and Unknwn/WBNB LPs. This is paid out as unCONE.
  • 10-20% goes to treasury.

How Unknwn token works

$Unknwn is the native platform token for Unknown.

  • Unknwn is rewarded to CONE stakers and CONE liquidity pools pro-rata to CONE generated by the platform.
  • CONE stakers receive UNKWN proportional to the amount of unCONE they have locked.
  • UNKWN can be staked on Unknown to earn a share of CONE LP's CONE earnings.
  • Staked Unknwn will receive its portion of the fees as unCONE (tokenized veCONE). This is to keep CONE in the system building boost, but users can trade out their unCONE through the unCONE/CONE liquidity pool.
  • Unknown CONE fees that would be returned to Unknwn stakers are locked in vlCONE, and tokenized as unCONE and given to the Unknwn stakers.
  • Unknwn is used for voting on how Unknown allocates it's veCONE towards CONE gauge weight votes. Users must vote-lock their Unknwn tokens (vlUnknwn) in order to participate. Full details on the "Voting and Gauge Weights" page.