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Unicrypt is a one-stop-shop with everything you need to launch and maintain a sustainable and secure protocol. Generate and secure the initial liquidity, lock your tokens with vesting lockers and create farms with customizable rewards.


Liquidity Lockers

  • Project developers are welcomed to use our security feature allowing them to lock their liquidity provider tokens.
  • Locking liquidity is becoming a standard in the DeFi industry, and we are proud to re-affirm this concept was brought to the market by Unicrypt

Token Vesting

  • Vesting options can both be utilized by project owners and/or early adopters of a technology. We offer this option as an independant service, and it fits with the in-house ILO Platform. Wallets vesting tokens are reflected in a dedicated UI, allowing anyone to consult it in an easier way, and more.

Token Minting

  • Create your own token! The ENMT (ERC-20 Non Mintable Token) feature allows users to mint an ERC-20 compliant and non-mintable tokens (fixed supply).
  • Coding skills are not required, and newly-minted token contracts do not require additional audits.

Decentralized Launchpad For New Projects

  • As a token developer, our technology can serve you to launch your project. We are collaborating with an ever-increasing number of third-party providers that can review different aspects of your product.
  • As an incubator, you can also use our technology to launch your very own incubated projects.
  • And as an investor, feel free to browse the latest projects, read carefully the reports from external providers, and most importantly never forget your own due diligence prior to any form of participation.

Farm as a Service

  • Stimulating liquidity and creating market depth is essential for any cryptocurrency/token.
  • This service allows project developers to incentivize their communities by creating a farming vault meant to be rewarding the liquidity providers.
  • Users/investors can then browse the platform and provide liquidity on the pairs/projects they may be interested about.

Staking as a Service

  • Sustainable projects are permanently looking to reward their communities. UniCrypt now offer them this possibility. This service consists in generating staking contracts that can incentivize holders/communities to enjoy the rewards made available for them by their favourite projects!

UNCX Token

  • Launchpads allocation
  • Staking, profit-sharing ($USDC) & UNCL emission
  • Account management
  • Governance

UNCL Token

  • Launchpads tickets reservation
  • Booster on farming/staking APYs
  • Account management
  • Reward token for UNCX stakers