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Tectonic is a decentralized non-custodial algorithmic money market protocol. Users can deposit assets to earn passive income or borrow funds to unlock liquidity in their assets.

How does Tectonic work?

Funds deposited by users are provided as liquidity to borrowers, who may borrow at variable interest rates. Tectonic's smart contracts adjust these rates based on each market's utilization rates.

What are tTokens?

tTokens are the receipt token received for supplying the corresponding asset. It entitles users to withdraw their supplied asset and the tToken-to-asset exchange rate will continuously increase to reflect interests earned by the lender.

What price oracle does Tectonic use?

Currently, they are using their own internal oracles. The oracles update twice hourly or whenever there’s a 1% change in price. We will be shifting to decentralized oracles like Chainlink and Band once they are live and supported on Cronos.

What is $TONIC used for?

$TONIC is the governance token of the Tectonic protocol. once our Community Insurance Module is live, you can stake $TONIC to receive a portion of fees collected and in return, your $TONIC will be used as insurance in case of short-fall events.

Where can I buy/sell $TONIC?

You can buy and sell $TONIC on VVS Finance.