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StellaSwap is one of the first automated market-making (AMM), decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Moonbeam parachain network. The unique value proposition of StellaSwap is that we're committed in establishing a strong foundation with our native token, STELLA, as a governance token, diverse farms, a built in bridge and user-centered service.


Decentralize Exchange

As an automated market-making (AMM), facilitating decentralized exchanges or swaps of various coin pairs is the core of what we do!

Users can trade coins in the Moonbeam network in a non-custodial manner without going through any centralized intermediary and paying excessive fees. With StellaSwap, the small trading fees that are charged will be fully distributed to liquidity providers. This ensures that liquidity providers are incentivized to provide the depth of liquidity needed to give you the best prices across the board.


Allowing users to stake and yield farm in just 1-click! This monumental launch would make it much easier for anyone to start yield farming, all in 1-click!

Mai Minting

Stake xSTELLA £ WGLMR to mint MAI for enchanced yield farming


  • xSTELLA Feature: A facility where users can stake their $STELLA tokens to earn more STELLA. Users who stake STELLA will get xSTELLA, as fees from every swap is used to buyback STELLA and are distributed to xSTELLA holders.
  • xSTELLA Token: A yield-bearing token that will always increase in value, since xSTELLA token will accrue value from every trade (0.05%) on StellaSwap.


StellaSwap charges a 0.25% fee for every swap or trade on our DEX, which is the lowest fee of any DEX. 0.20% of the fees are distributed back to liquidity providers (i.e. stakers), while 0.05% is accrued to protocol’s treasury.

With the launch of xSTELLA, the 0.05% that was originally accrued to treasury will now be distributed to xSTELLA holders in the form of more $STELLA.

MAI Stablecoin Minting

Here's some use-cases for MAI for StellaSwap users;

  • Borrow Stablecoin w/o Selling Your Favourite Coins: Borrow stablecoins backed by your tokens to use the value of your tokens without exiting your long position.
  • Borrow to Buy Other Assets: Borrow against your existing wealth and buy more assets, expanding your investment portfolio. You could, for example, borrow MAI to buy other tokens such as DOT.
  • Consolidating Debt: Borrow MAI to pay down high-interest debt, saving on interest payments. The only fees you will incur through borrowing MAI will be a repayment fee at the end of your loan.
  • No scheduled payments: You won’t need to commit to monthly payments or deadlines; you can repay your debt at any time that is convenient to you and your needs.
  • Instant lines of credit: You don’t need credit checks or someone else's permission to borrow MAI. You are your own bank.‌
  • MAI as collateral: Lending protocols require stablecoins to borrow tokens. You could use MAI as stablecoin collateral in those platforms, essentially using your original tokens as collateral for debt in lending protocols.