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Liquid staking provider.

Tokens Available

  • SGT
  • veSGT
  • NFTs
  • vETH2
  • nvETH

Infrastructure overview

Sharedstake follows a LEAN startup buy over build methodology and leverages cloud services with high performance and uptime for our ETH2 nodes.

To hedge against the risk of synchronized downtime with the majority of cloud hosted ETH2 nodes being on AWS or GCP, we use a German Cloud provider.

Distribution at merge

At a high level this is what will happen at merge once withdrawals are enabled.

  1. User stakes vETH2 into a contract
  2. Admins exit validators required to satisfy the exit need
  3. Funds are moved to the contract
  4. A virtual price is set, denoting a price for each vETH2, that includes the gains from staking, minus fees.
  5. Users can then claim their earned ETH

At merge funds can be exited to Beaconchain addresses and moved back to L1 ethereum.