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RAILGUN is a smart contract that brings privacy to cryptocurrencies and DeFi. By using RAILGUN, your wallet address will be removed from your actions and transactions on Blockchains where that information was previously available for anyone who cares to look. This is similar to having your bank balance and spending history revealed whenever you use a debit card

How it works?

Through zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARKs) technology, RAILGUN users enjoy privacy when making transfers, trading, using leverage platforms, adding liquidity or using decentralized applications (dApps) any way they like.


Current security solutions on Ethereum and other smart contract-capable blockchains generally require highly specialized infrastructure outside of the Ethereum network. These specialized platforms do not have direct access to Distributed Exchanges (DEXs), dApps or the liquidity on Ethereum. With fewer nodes, they also do not benefit from the full security of the network.

Other current solutions like mixers are lack in functionality and ease of use. For example, they don’t allow for internal shielded transactions, can’t interact with smart contracts, and users may have to operate in fixed denominations. These solutions do not allow for simple, efficient use of protocols while anonymity is maintained. The previous generation of privacy protocols failed to accomplish the convenience, flexibility, and privacy guaranteed by RAILGUN.

What can i use RAILGUN for?

  • Performing darkpool-style trading, ensuring your strategies cannot be copied or countertraded
  • Entering into new coin investments without alerting those who follow your wallet
  • Building a shielded balance without outsiders knowing the specifics of your holdings
  • Making confidential payments to your attorney when seeking legal advice on personal disputes
  • Receiving donations without outsiders being able to view donation history
  • Preventing spying and data collection related to transaction habits
  • Keeping DeFi habits invisible to advertisers or fraudsters looking to target individuals with particular interests
  • Avoiding awkward situations where acquaintances, employers or even potential dates look into your DeFi holdings to make personal judgements about you
  • Participating in the advancement of cryptographic privacy technology
  • Furthering the ideology of bringing the level of privacy possible in the DeFi space to a level equal to that of mainstream financial institutions