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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a blockchain auto-battler in the Lucha Libre style created by Luchador in May 2021. Luchadores are designed to exist forever on the Ethereum blockchain with 100% on-chain art + metadata. Chainlink VRF was used to randomly generate each Luchador at mint to ensure provable randomness and rarity. Game mechanics, wearables and others stuff will also be 100% on-chain to ensure fair and tamper-proof gameplay with a custom ERC20 token : $LUCHA.

The Luchador #1 was minted on May 17, 2021, the generation of the Luchadores lasted 3 months and was a fully on-chain process thanks to the use of Chainlink’s VRF.


Random Attributes

Each Luchador has 8 possible attributes: mask, mouth, cape, torso, arms, bottoms, boots, spirit. The random number generated by Chainlink VRF will determine how each Luchador looks and its rarity. Primary, secondary, eye and skin colour are also determined by the random number.

Attributes of Luchadores.001.png

Rarity can be derived from the table below : 7 > 0 > 6 > 5 > 1 > 4 > 2 > 3

Attributes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Percentage 0.93% 10.97% 29.61% 32.69% 19.00% 6.07% 1.12% 0.11% 0%
Generated 93 1047 2961 3269 1900 607 112 11 0


The first Luchador was minted on May 17, 2021, the generation was done at the price of 2 $LINK (fee needed for the VRF mechanism), paid in ETH + gas costs. Depending on the $LINK price and the transaction costs on Ethereum Network, minters paid between 0.015 and 0.025 ETH per Luchadores. The Luchador #10000 was minted August 18th


On Christmas Day 2021, the first $LUCHA was distributed to owners. For the first year, to encourage healthy distribution and fair game progression, 6.18% of $LUCHA total supply is distributed to Luchadores owners according to their Attributes.

1 year yield.png


Piñatas are ERC 1155, each one contains one wearable from the proposed collection (Cometh for the first edition). As for Luchador's mint, the generation of the wearable when the piñata is opened is managed by Chainlink's VRF. 4500 piñatas were available, for 70 LUCHA (price peg to 30 MATIC).

If you held a Luchador on 27th Jan, 2PM UTC, your address was included in the presale snapshot.

  • Each address can mint up to 5 piñatas in the presale
  • All remaining piñatas will be made available to the public on 31st Jan, 5PM UTC.

There is a high chance that some piñatas will still be available after the 24 hour presale window.

All pinatas were sold within an hour of the sale opening to the public, helping the project to grow a starting treasury[1]:

  • 35,910 MATIC
  • 92,333.82 LUCHA
  • 260.72 MUST
  • 1185 LUCHA/MUST LP
  • 32,308.97 LUCHA/MATIC LP

Marketplace release its in-house marketplace, the 28th February, to trade wearables (and upcoming game stuff) in $LUCHA.


Since March 31st, the game is available in Alpha. You can select your Luchador, equip it and freely change its stats and skills to duel other opponents. Trigger and passive skills will be integrated as the alpha progresses so as not to unbalance the game.


Gameplay is a 8 bits auto-battler, where Luchadores compete against other players in an arena or tournament to gain reputation and LUCHA.

Luchadores attack each other in turn and each successful attack loads their Mojo Gauge. Once charged to 100, the Mojo Gauge empties to trigger Skill 1. Skills follow each other in chronological order until one of two Luchadores is knocked down (HP = 0)

Besides being an autobattler, is a strategic game where the player's job is to find a balanced build and choose the opponent against whom they have the best chance of winning (matchmaking)

Wearables and trainings but especially the skills/passive synergizing with the statistics, the whole sprinkled of random trustless with the Chainlink VRF make the fights exciting and the outcome sometimes surprising !


Attributes of Luchadores.002.png

As you invest time battling you will be able to spend $LUCHA to optimize your build & train your Luchador to upgrade the stats of your choice :

  • Strength - increases max damage a Luchador can deal
  • Endurance - reduces damage taken and increases max HP
  • Dexterity - increases minimum damage, critical chance and the loading of special bar
  • Agility - determines attacking order and chance to confuse and dodge attacks


Luchadores can choice 3 skills and 1 passive. Once your Mojo Gauge up to 100, your skills are triggered in chronological order : your special bar fills up with each successful attack. Once at max it empties to trigger Skill1. When your special bar will load again it will trigger Skill2, and finally Skill3.

Strategically combining and ordering your skills will greatly impact the outcome of the fight.

Trigger skills
Skills Description
2x.png 2X 2x damage + gain 20 pts Mojo Gauge
Double.png Double 2 basic attacks + 20% AGI bonus damage
Ace.png Ace Ignores opponents END + 40% AGI bonus damage
Slam.png Slam 50% chance to stun + 20% END bonus damage
Leech.png Leech Heal damage dealt
Focus.png Focus +8% all stats and skip turn (stacks)
Heal.png Heal Heal 20% of max HP and skip turn
Neutralise.png Neutralise Half opponents Mojo Gauge progress + 30% damage
Flurry.png Flurry 100% chance 2 hits. 20% chance 3 hits. 5% chance 4 hits
Comeback.png Comeback Deal 20% of missing HP as bonus Damage
Stinger.png Stinger Opponent takes 1% of max HP every time their turn ends (stacks)
Passive skills
Passive Description
All rounder +2% bonus all stats
Brute +8% bonus STR
Tough +8% bonus END
Prowess +8% bonus DEX
Rhythm +8% bonus AGI
Last Stand You can't be defeated by a skill


Although only the Chainlink's VRF is active during the fight, for PROCs, the player's choices beforehand determine the outcome of the fight. As you progress you can unlock skills and stats to allocate them among :

Statistics Description Formula
Health Point (HP) Max damage a Luchador can take 1 END = 3 HP | 323 HP minimum with 1point in END
Mojo Gauge (MG) The Mojo Gauge starts at 0/100 and gains 25 per successful attack + AGI * 0.25.

Once full, a skill is activated and the gauge resets to 0.

Gain = 25 + (DEX*0.25) point per attack successful

Trigger = Skill 1 > Skill > Skill 3 > Skill 1 ... in chronological order

Strength (STR) Increases max damage a Luchador can deal Damage = A random number is chosen between min & max

Max damage = (STR * 0.8) + 10 | rounded down

Endurance (END) Reduces damage taken and increases max HP 1 END = 3 HP

Actual damage = Damage * (100 / (100 + (opponents END * 1.2))) | rounded up

Dexterity (DEX) Increases minimum damage, critical chance and the loading of Mojo Gauge.

Critical : 1,5x multiplier attack

Gain = per attack successful only and scale on your MG

Min damage = DEX / 2 | rounded up

Mojo Gauge (100pts) = 25 + (DEX * 0.25) | rounded up | each successful attack

Critical chance = (DEX / 2) / 80 * 100 | rounded down | 80 = max stats cap

Agility (AGI) Determines attacking order, chance to confuse and dodge attacks.

The Luchador with the most Agility attacks first

Confuse : you attack 2 times in a row

Dodge : you don't suffer any damage by avoiding your opponent's attack

Dodge = (your AGI - opponents AGI) / 2 + 1 | rounded up

If you have less AGI than your opponent your minimum dodge chance is 3%

Confuse = (your AGI - opponents AGI) / 3 | rounded up

If you have less AGI than your opponent your minimum confuse chance is 1%

Statistics distribution and skills will be the most important factors in deciding which Luchador is victorious.

Play and Earn

In addition to the yield for owners, in each fight, the Luchadores win or lose reputation (ELO equivalent). According to their reputation the Luchadores gain additional LUCHA.

Reputation < 1000 1000 - 1199 1200 - 1399 1400 - 1599 1600 - 1799 1800 - 1999 2000 - 2199 > 2200
LUCHA / day 0 1 2 4 6 8 9 10

Token economy

Luchador (ERC 721)

There are 10,000 Luchadores, between 0 and 7 attributes. The attributes are determined at the time of mint by Chainlink's VRF, and are used to determine the daily yield of the NFT. Their statistics or skills do not depend on their attributes, only training and wearable can increase the statistics of Luchadores.


LUCHA[2] is the governance and economic token of the game No LUCHA have been vested or reserved for the team, 100% of the supply minted is redistributed to players and owners.

LUCHA allows players to access in-game services like naming your Luchador, change skills, change stat, buying wearable ...

Up to 100,000,000 LUCHA can be minted in the coming years. Since December 24, 2021 and for the first year, 6.18% of the total supply will be minted and redistributed to the owners of Luchador. The remaining 93.82% will be redistributed to players and Luchadores owners.

Finally, 90% of in-game spending are redistributed to players and owners via the Reward Pool (Tournament, Event, End of Season Reward ...)

LUCHA minting.png

MASK (ERC 20 non-transferable)

You can stake your LUCHA to earn MASK. The MASK is a non transferable token, which exists only in As of April 2022, over 750 000 LUCHA are staked and earning MASK. Luchadores DeFi-related metrics are aggregated on DeFi Llama.[3]

You can spend it to train your Luchadores, farm wearable and other stuffs in game.

Wearable (ERC 1155)

In addition to training, Luchadores can equip wearable that give a bonus in stats ranging from +1 to +5, depending on its rarity.

Wearable stats.png


Chainlink VRF

Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is a provably-fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts.

Smart contract developers can use Chainlink VRF as a tamper-proof random number generator to build reliable smart contracts for any applications which rely on unpredictable outcomes.

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