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Demex is a fully decentralized trading platform that supports any cryptocurrency derivative product. It enables the trading of sophisticated financial instruments such as futures, bonds and options at scale.

Features Overview

Customizable Pool Weights

  • All Uniswap pools are even, "50/50" pools. This means that liquidity providers are forced to take equal exposure to two assets (e.g In a SWTH-DAI pool, users must hold an equal value of DAI, which users might not want).
  • Uneven pools, first pioneered by Balancer, allow for more advanced liquidity-pooling strategies on Demex. For example, a token holder can keep stronger exposure to token X in a 80-20 X-DAI pool than before.
  • This also means users can control their exposure to Impermanent Loss. This article provides a very in-depth explanation of how and why it matters.
  • Notice how a 95/5 ETH-DAI pool allows for a much tighter correlation to only holding ETH.

Orderbook model on AMMs

  • Traditional AMMs are constrained by a simple swap interface. This means users cannot visualize their slippage at various prices, and are forced to accept uncertainty with regards to the actual exchange rates.
  • On Demex, liquidity from AMMs are visualized in an orderbook form instead. Real orders from users are also added to this orderbook, giving DEX users an unparalleled CEX experience.
  • A full suite of Tradingview tools are also provided for people for price analysis, which is a groundbreaking improvement of past DEX models.

Permissionless Market Listing

  • Anyone is able to create their desired markets and liquidity pools on Demex through the Carbon protocol's permissionless market creation.
  • Fully Customizable Markets
  • After a token is added to the Carbon protocol, its relevant markets and liquidity pools can be created. The Carbon chain is so powerful that markets are fully customizable, and any market can be listed. Users can choose:
  • Type of Market: Spot, Futures, Perpetual (Upcoming), Options (Upcoming)
  • Taker and Maker Fees
  • Margin requirements
  • And many more parameters.

Cross-chain compatibility

Demex runs on the Carbon protocol which has access to multiple Layer-1 chains via the PolyNetwork Bridge.

In essence, this means assets can be transferred from any of these chains (HECO, Avalanche, Harmony etc.) in the future. Currently, the supported L1-chains include:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Neo
  3. BNB Smart Chain
  4. Zilliqa
  5. Cosmos IBC