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Crema Finance is a liquidity protocol built on Solana that provides superior performance for both traders and liquidity providers. Crema Finance is mainly composed of the following modules:

  • Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker
  • NFT Liquidity Farming
  • Smart Router
  • veCRM - Driven DAO Governance
    Crema Finance


Crema Finance has it's own SPL token on solana called the Crema token ($CRM)

The total supply of CRM tokens is 1,000,000,000 CRM.

The tokens are currently allocated as such:

  • 5% IDO
  • 10% Private round investors
  • 15% Treasury
  • 20% Core team & Advisors
  • 50% Liquidity Mining

This is the Token's vesting schedule:

Crema Finance Token Vesting Schedule