BSC Application Sidechain (BAS)

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The Binance Smart Chain Application Sidechain (BAS) framework will allow developers to build extremely scalable dApps and games running on Binance Smart Chain via dedicated sidechains. Additionally, apps running on BSC sidechains will have extremely low or even zero transaction fees. It is reached by using a separate consensus engine and modern execution environment that can be specified by developers or community.[1]

Literally BAS is a modular framework for creating BSC-compatible side chains that defines requirements for integration with the BSC ecosystem and brings development-ready EVM-compatible features like staking, RPC-API or smart contracts.[2]

BAS will enable developers to create and operate their own dedicated blockchains better suited to serve a vast userbase without needing to compete with traffic coming from all the other apps running on BSC. BAS lets developers create their own distinct consensus engine and modern execution environment. With BAS, a project can set up:

  • A unique validator set
  • Customized gas fees
  • BEP-121 tokens

BAS can be implemented in many different ways, including PoS side chains and ZKRollups. BAS Frameworks and Testnet’s initial implementations are based on PoS networks.

The first version of BAS is optimized for blockchain gaming and the new revolution of play-to-earn “GameFi.” In other words, it will provide the most benefits for those building Web3/blockchain games with extremely fast transactions with ultra-low or zero fees.[3]