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Universal Store of Value (USV) provides a logical, fair, and energy-efficient alternative to Bitcoin.

Atlas USV

USV’s multi-chain protocol, available on many networks, stands in stark contrast to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work, energy-inefficient blockchain. The users can choose to hold USV on an energy-efficient eco-friendly blockchain such as Avalanche or Polygon.

Where is Atlas USV built on?

It is built using Solidity, and currently runs on Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. The code is the same across these networks since they are all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible.

Atlas USV vs Others USV

In short, what creates distinction between Atlas USV and other protocols is two points:

  • USV protocol itself is a game participant that must prudently juggle and settle upon the "Aristotelian mean" among multiple market scenarios
  • USV protocol is better suited to deal with the portion of users who defect and turn hostile

USV Token

  • Atlas users primarily interact with the protocol by purchasing USV and staking it in the USV Staking Contract.
  • The protocol itself interacts with the rest of the DeFi world, as well as its own subsequent layers and tokens, by issuing Bartering Contracts. Users can transfer other tokens to the protocol's treasury, and in return they receive discounted USV tokens that vest over a period of time.