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WojakFinance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Dogechain Network. Launching Tuesday September 20th 6pm UTC


WOJAK is the yield token that you can earn via the farms and pools on WojakFi. It is used as governance for future DEX proposals.

WOJK Max Supply: 15,000,000

Emissions are set for 2 Years

The Emission rate is 0.9375 WOJK per block, Dogechain block time is 2 sec.

Initial liquidity uses 2 pre-minted WOJK token for seeding.

0 Team tokens will be allocated, all WOJK tokens will be used for community farming rewards.


WojakFi allows you to single-stake WOJAK for high-APR rewards in our flexible staking pool. Choose the amount of time you wish to lock your tokens for an APR boost, or leave them unlocked for a flexible stake.