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Vector Finance is a yield boosting platform for Platypus Finance and Trader Joe, it allows users to increase their yield without having to hold governance tokens of those protocols themselves.

Both Platypus and Trader Joe allow users to lock PTP and JOE tokens in return for their vote-escrowed (ve) versions. The yield for liquidity providers is then determined not only by the size of their liquidity position but also by the amount of vePTP or veJOE they hold. While giving more utility to underlying tokens and discouraging mercenary behaviour this model makes participation more difficult for smaller investors and exposes users to the price action of the asset they don't necessarily want to hold.

Vector solves these problems by aggregating PTP and JOE tokens for the users by both encouraging conversion into their wrapped versions (xPTP and zJOE) and by reinvesting a portion of yield rewards. This allows Vector to increase their vePTP and veJOE holdings and boost yield for liquidity providers who decided to use the platform.

Roughly a third of the platform's fees is distributed to the VTX lockers and stakers with lockers also getting governance power on the Platypus. [1]