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Valkyrie Protocol is a DApp activation protocol that is designed to help protocols launch effectively. It builds on the Terra Network, and creates a ‘rewardable ecosystem’ that is focused on bringing together campaigners and users to drive adoption and growth for launching protocols.

How it works

Protocols can create Campaigns (projects) and depending on the requirement of their campaigns, can offer social referral rewards. Users can participate in the project and be exposed to new projects and be incentivized to experiment and also refer the campaigns to others.

Valkyrie offers different types of campaigns to fit a campaigner’s stage of launch. Tailored to various phases such as initial launch, TGE and growth, campaigners can use the Initial Participation Campaign, the Smart Airdrop or the general Share2Earn campaign respectively. Each type of campaign offers both campaigner and users the unique opportunity to achieve a variety of adoption goals and ultimately earn profits.


A Valkyrie campaign is a fully customizable tool that is defined by a budget, a goal, reward weights, and participation requirements. Unlike typical referral programs, Valkyrie provides a robust methodology to encourage participation by granting rewards to not only participants in the campaign but also to those who induce further participation through content sharing.

  • Increased participation through sharing with an incentivized structure between sharers and participants
  • On-chain targeted marketing through definable eligibility criteria (wallet criteria, etc.)