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USDr is an algorithmically risk-adjusted Collateralized Debt Position. Users can mint USDr using stable yield-bearing assets, starting with stablecoin LP from Saber.


Ratio Risk Ratings

  • Real-time quantitative and qualitative credit risk assessments akin to Moody’s & Fitch guide optimally informed investment choices.

Self-Paying Loans

  • Deposit yield-bearing stable collateral into Ratio Finance to take out a “USDr” loan. Use the yield from your deposits to pay back your debt. Works like magic.

Minimal Fees

They dont require stability fees, no deposit fees, and zero interest rates. They take a 0.5% loan origination fee and a small percentage of the acquired yield on deposited assets.

How it works


  • Deposit stablecoin LP from your favourite Solana AMM into Ratio Finance.


  • The Ratio Risk Ratings system determines how much of a loan you can take against stable LP pairs. Choose your position based on your risk appetite.


  • Borrow USDr against your collateral while still collecting yield on your deposits.


  • Use your yield to pay back your debt or to borrow more USDr.