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Tokemak is a layer 2 solution of DEX founded by Carson Cook. The introduction of Tokemak is published on April 29th, 2021.

Tokemak serves as a liquidity router to guide and pair up liquidity. Liquidity providers are protected from impermanent loss and will be rewarded with $TOKE which provides voting power for liquidity directors.


Liquidity Router

Tokemak pairs up liquidity of different assets from liquidity providers in a token reactor, then the liquidity will be deposited into a DEX like Uniswap.


$TOKE tokenomics and emissions

Emission and governance token of the protocol.

Earning $TOKE

  • Early staking during the pre-liquidity deployment phase (Cycle Zero)
  • Liquidity Providers earn TOKE by providing liquidity or depositing assets in the Genesis Pools
  • Liquidity Directors earn TOKE at a variable APR by guiding liquidity with voting power of $TOKE

Tokenized liquidity

$TOKE represents the ability to direct any number of tokens in the form of liquidity. Liquidity directors can stake $TOKE and gain proportional amount of voting power. By voting for various token reactors, liquidity directors can earn $TOKE rewards in variable APY.

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