Swim Protocol

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Swim is a multi-chain AMM for native assets, designed to make bridging as easy as possible. Swim provides a simple way to transfer tokens across chains via multi-token liquidity pools and Solana’s Wormhole. No more delays, centralized bridges, or wrapped assets.

Why Swim

Bridging a Multi-Chain World

  • DeFi has become a fragmented multi-chain universe. Solana ecosystem growth has been stunted due to barriers of entry and a lack of user-friendly bridges. Leveraging Wormhole technology and Solana’s scalability, Swim connects capital seamlessly between networks.

AMM Style Bridge

  • Swim’s novel cross-chain stableswap approach to a bridge design makes bridging as easy as trading in a stable swap pool. Users can bridge easier by only using native assets, native gas tokens & wallets while still having all the benefits of Wormhole speed and decentralization.

Core Building Block

  • Positioning ourselves as a DeFi primitive in the Solana and crosschain ecosystem, Swim aims to act as the first point of contact for new Solana users, at the same time creating a fundamental building block in the multichain world.