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Sunny is a composable DeFi aggregator powered by Solana, one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems. The Sunny Protocol is designed with composability as a core feature, enabling other applications and protocols to easily build on top of it.

Sunny V3: a DeFi aggregator

The newest version of Sunny has three core users:

  • Liquidity Providers, which earn SUNNY and other tokens
  • SBR Stakers, which stake SBR tokens to obtain sunSBR
  • Sunny Stakers, which stake SUNNY for veSUNNY to earn from the Sunny DAO


sunTokens, or sunTOK for short, are liquid staking governance tokens backed 1:1 by Tribeca voting escrow tokens (veTokens).

  • If a user deposits SBR into Sunny, that SBR is locked forever on the platform as veSBR.
  • A tokenized version of veSBR, sunSBR, is returned to the user at a 1:1 rate.