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Solend is an algorithmic, decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing built on Solana. On Solana, Solend can scale to being faster and cheaper. Currently, Solend is the most popular lending and borrowing protocol on Solana (according to DeFiLlama).


  • Earn interest
  • Borrow
  • Leverage long
  • Short


Borrow APY's are governed by this chart

Borrow APYs are set as a function of utilization, where APY changes based on how much of the pool is borrowed. Each token has it's own "Min", "Optimal" & "Max" that is laid out in the parameters page.

This way, the protocol can set market friendly rates that attract inflow of capital when utilization rises, while also keeping rates in line for borrowers.

Supply APY:

Users who supply, get an APY from the users who borrow. The borrow APY is split across the entire pool, so Supply APY = Borrow APY * Utilization. For example, if there is 2 BTC in a pool, and 1 BTC is lent out at 20% APY, the suppliers of the 2 BTC will receive 10% APY each.

This APY is given in the same token as the supply. Deposit BTC for BTC yields, or SOL for SOL yields.

Borrow APY:

When a user is borrowing, they are paying a Borrow APY to the pool (for the users who supplied). This borrow APY is calculated based on the Parameters & The Math, and are displayed on their UI when a user is borrowing. Borrow APY is added to the user's loan on a per-slot basis, so the amount of money a user has to repay goes up over time.

Solend Token (SLND)

Solend's token is called SLND, the total supply is 100 million SLND. The tokens are allocated as follows:

Solend Tokenomics
  • 60% of SLND is allocated to the community. Breaking it down, half of that is allocated for the liquidity mining program and the other half is allocated to the Solend Treasury, owned and governed by the Solend DAO.
  • 5% of SLND is allocated to the IDO, coming from the treasury. The Solend Treasury will own the IDO funds and LP position, alongside all the revenue generated from protocol fees.
  • 25% of SLND is allocated to the core team. Vesting for the team begins on 1st June 2022, depending on when they joined.
  • 15% of SLND is allocated to investors. Only 10% was distributed in the seed round, and an additional 5% is set aside. These tokens begin vesting at 1st October 2022.