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SiO2 Finance is the Astar-native lending hub supporting both EVM and WASM. SiO2 is a protocol for users to quickly and easily deposit and borrow assets on Astar Network. Depositors can provide liquidity to earn interest as a stable passive income, while borrowers can leverage their assets without selling them out.

SiO2 Features:

  • Lending/borrowing: allow users to use multiple assets as collateral and borrow other assets
  • Depositing: allow users to deposit multiple assets and earn passive income from interests
  • veStaking: incentivize long-term token holders over short-term holders with $SIO2
  • One-click flashloan: allow users to use flashloan for position migration (e.g., move position from one protocol to another in seconds) and arbitrages without coding
  • One-click short position: allow users to short an asset with only one click
  • Multi-VM support: both EVM and WASM will be supported on one frontend

SIO2 Token

What is SIO2's max supply?

SIO2 has a max supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.

Is SIO2 a governance token?

No. SIO2 is the protocol token for SiO2 Finance. The actual voting power and protocol revenue distribution is not directly associated with SIO2, but with veSIO2.

How can you earn SIO2?

SIO2 is earned in three ways:

  • Deposit assets to earn SIO2 deposit incentives
  • Borrow assets to earn SIO2 borrow incentives
  • Locking SIO2 to generate veSIO2 tokens and earn locking incentives

What can you do with SIO2?

  • SIO2 holders can lock their tokens to generate veSIO2 tokens, to earn the protocol revenue allocated from treasury to give back to the community.