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ScarySwap is the first ever swapping dex offering completely zero fees swaps on certain pairs , users can currently swap FTM , WBNB , WETH with zero fees and more pairs will be added as the DEX grows. zero fees pairs are added by the core team of ScarySwap while other users can add pairs with the default 0.1% fees system , ScarySwap offers the cheapest and scariest liquidity farming pools on fantom where users can deposit their SLp to earn USDC , PUMPKIN , FTM ., users can also deposit a single token like USDC , FTM instead of SLp to earn scary rewards.

How It Works?

They manually add certain pairs and enable their scary model which is a way to reward users indirectly from the pair instead of rewarding liquidity providers from swapping fees , they offer rewards from investing your staked tokens into other farming pools protocols like Binance , Bifi , YieldWolf etc the scary model helps us maintain liquidity for their zero fees pairs without the need of new liquidity providers coming in , making the liquidity for each pair constantly growing.

The current active 0% fees pairs are :

  • FTM / USDC