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Rari Capital is a suite of decentralized finance protocols on a mission to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical minds, in order to bring the next wave of mass users into this industry.


  • Fuse: Open interest rate protocol that provides users the ability to create and manage customizable lending/borrowing pools.
  • Yield Aggregator: An autonomous algorithm that rebalances users' funds into the highest-yield opportunities. Staked funds also provide liquidity to Fuse pools for borrowers.
  • Tranches: Peer-to-peer risk exchange protocol that utilizes the Yield Aggregator DAI pool for customized risk and return profiles.
  • Pool 2: Incentives for RGT liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges.


  • Fuse is an open interest rate protocol that allows users to lend and borrow digital assets. The Fuse protocol enables anyone to instantly create and deploy their own lending and borrowing pool. This protocol allows users to choose all of their custom parameters and isolate risk, rather than using a large lending and borrowing pool on other platforms. Pools can be made public or private depending on the creator's preference.

Yield Aggregator

  • The yield aggregator is our autonomous algorithm that searches for the highest yield through a collection of safety-assessed DeFi lending protocols. To participate, you can choose from three distinct pools to deposit into: USDC, DAI, and ETH. You will earn yield on your deposit, typically seen as APY%, and you may withdraw your funds at any time into any of our supported assets.

Pool 2

  • The Rari Capital DAO is incentivizing decentralized exchange liquidity of RGT on Sushiswap (opens new window). Once you stake both RGT and ETH on Sushiswap in the RGT-ETH Pool (opens new window), you can stake your SLP tokens on the Pool2 dashboard to earn RGT rewards.


  • The Rari Capital DAI pool is integrated within Saffron Finance (opens new window), a protocol pioneering in risk mitigation and steady interest rates across DeFi. Users who deposit into these tranches receive guaranteed rates as well as Saffron Finance's native token SFI (opens new window)emissions as an added incentive for providing liquidity.