Pangea Swap

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The First Concentrated Liquidity DEX on Klaytn.

Protocol Overview


  • Traders swap tokens using the liquidity pool provided by Pangea Swap’s liquidity providers (LPs.)
  • For token swaps, a swap trading fee(may vary depending on token pairs) is levied. The fee is distributed to LPs and the stakers who have voted.

Liquidity Providers

  • LPs deposit token pairs in liquidity pools and receive a part of the swap fee paid by traders as interest.
  • LPs may expect higher interest if they choose to provide liquidity in a concentrated price range by providing concentrated liquidity.
  • When adding liquidity to whitelisted pools, LPs may receive additional STONE rewards by staking LP tokens to the Gauge.

Governance Participants

  • Participate in Pangea Swap governance through DAO

What is the Pangea NFT

Pangea NFT is an LP token that represents the liquidity position of liquidity providers.

Pangea NFT is designed to be transactable and transferable. When ownership is changed after NFT is transferred/sold, the ownership of the liquidity and the fee of the position is also transferred, so caution is required.

How is Pangea Swap different from Uniswap V3?

The Klaytn network provides 200x faster transaction per second (TPS) than Ethereum and a low gas cost environment. In addition to those, Pangea Swap has the following advantages :

  • A simpler and more optimized UI for concentrated liquidity
  • A newly designed smart contract for Klaytn Virtual Machine
  • 100% open source without copyright restrictions
  • Built-in Air-Drop feature for liquidity pool incentives