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Pando is a decentralized financial network built with Mixin Trusted Group, including a series of open financial protocols.


Pando Lake & 4swap

4swap is a decentralized protocol implement for automated liquidity provision on Mixin Network. It is a community-driven, allowing for any pool to be added. Pando Lake is an alternative to 4swap, which only provide selected pools.

Pando Leaf

Pando Leaf is a decentralized financial protocol, a place where you can deposit collateral to generate Pando USD(pUSD) and destroy it when repaying the generated pUSD balance.

Pando Rings

Pando Rings is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol. It is a place where you can lend or borrow cryptocurrencies. It lets users deposit cryptocurrencies and earn interest, or borrow other cryptoassets against them.