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Optimus is an on-chain yield optimizer that maximizes your investment return with a minimal risk level possible.


Enable everyone in the world to effortlessly invest in and profit from DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols built on the ICON Network. Our very first mission is to develop a lending aggregator, which seeks to optimize investment opportunities in the existing ICON ecosystem provided by lending pools such as Balanced and Omm.


A strategy has the following objectives in the protocol ecosystem:

  • Maximize investment return of deposited assets from the users, by aggregating APYs from different lending pools such as Balanced and OMM then automatically switching to a more profitable one.
  • Minimize loss risks by continuously monitoring your investment position and executing certain actions to mitigate loss such as debt adjustment when price falls down too fast.
  • Automate investment process, as some liquidity pools require users to unstake and deposit again such as ICX/sICX pool.


1. Strategy reward

  • This is achieved by depositing your ICX into a strategy, the strategy will generate the same revenue as you manually do on a lending pool with a minimal performance fee of 5% over the rewarded amount. Plus, since a portion of FIN distribution is allocated to all strategies, you will earn an extra amount of FIN token as well.

2. Liquidity Provider reward

  • This is achieved by depositing FIN / bnUSD trading pair to Balanced DEX and stake the trading pair on Optimus (not available yet), you will receive FIN token reward based on the FIN distribution to liquidity providers portion.

3. Staking reward

  • This is achieved by staking FIN, all FIN stakers share the 5% performance fee collected by all strategies.

FIN Token Economics

Optimus DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as an evolving community itself, which is represented by FIN token.

FIN holders therefore have the following benefits:

  • Stake to get fees profit generated by Optimus strategies.
  • Vote to change protocol structure and DAO fund usability.


To ensure a fair launch, there will be no pre-mine activities, venture capital allocation nor team rewards. Instead, we are going to further decentralize Optimus protocol and allow community members to make meaningful decisions with voting power on the future of the protocol through our token distribution and rewarding models:

  • 5% to FIN stakers
  • 12.5% Liquidity Providers (on Balanced DEX):
  • FIN / bnUSD: 6.25%
  • FIN / sICX: 6.25%
  • 12.5% to Depositors:
  • Balanced Borrower Strategy: 3.8%
  • Balanced LP Strategy: 3.8%
  • OMM Lender Strategy: 3.7%
  • OMM IUSDC Mining Strategy: 0.6%
  • OMM USDS Mining Strategy: 0.6%
  • 20% to Optimus Worker Tokens
  • 15% to Insurance & Auditing Fund
  • 35% to DAO Fund