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NFT 2.0 are such NFTs that have extra (including mandatory) properties in addition to the standard ones (ID and metadata). NFT 2.0, are a type of programmable assets. They are sometimes called smart NFTs.

Types of NFT2.0

  1. Wrapped NFT (wNFT) is one realization of programmable NFT. This approach is used by such projects as Envelop, Charge Particles, and;
  2. Dynamic NFT is a programmable NFT, where the metadata changes depending on the conditions of the smart contract.
  3. Financial NFT is a programmable NFT, which contain collateral.

Financial NFTs should not be confused as part of the programmable asset ecosystem, because the same term is used when conditionally dividing NFTs by sector of application. For example, you can use your common NFT avatar as collateral to secure a loan. Then they say that such a project belongs to the financial NFT sector, at the same time NFT itself belongs to the first generation. often it includes NFT projects: NFTx, Fractionalization protocols, loans, leases, indexes.