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Matrix is a Yield Aggregator that helps users to simplify their experience on the Fantom vast ecosystem. Indeed, being a Farm Aggregator, Matrix allows users to easily stake their FTM within different liquidity pools.

Token Matrix

There will be a maximum supply of 100.000.000 Matrix tokens and their value will be further sustained by a well-devised set of structurally recurring buy-back and burn mechanisms.

The proceeds obtained from this private rounds, to which we reserved an overall portion of up to 10% of the token total supply, will be used mainly for the following needs:

  • Initial exchange liquidity
  • Marketing
  • Technical development


Team: vested over 9 months

  • Strategic Partners & Advisors: vested over 5 months
  • Strategic Round Investors: vested over for months
  • Public Round Investors: vested over 3 months