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LooksRare is the community-first NFT marketplace with rewards for participating. Buy NFTs (or sell 'em) to earn rewards.


Part of being community-first means that LooksRare rewards, empowers, and gives back to the platform's users and creators.

  • 💎 Get rewarded - Users that buy or sell any NFTs on LooksRare earn LOOKS tokens.
  • 🤝 Share the platform fees - 100% of trading fees are earned by LOOKS stakers.
  • ⚡️ Creators get paid instantly - Creators get royalty payments at the moment of sale.

LooksRare’s smart contracts

LooksRare’s smart contracts are custom-built within a modular system that enables new features to be rolled out over time – without compromising security – thanks to standardized signatures that clearly define the execution scope.

This means they can offer new types of interactions, like these (rolling out soon):

  • Collection offer - Make an offer that covers all NFTs in a selected collection
  • Trait offer - Offer to buy any NFT with a specific trait in a collection e.g. BAYC w/ Gold Fur
  • Multi-cancellation - Cancels multiple open orders in one transaction

Platform Fees

  • LooksRare collects a basic sales fee of 2% (in WETH) on all NFT sales excluding private sales.
  • All the WETH collected from these fees are consolidated at the end of each recurring 6,500 Ethereum block period (roughly 24 hours) and then distributed to LOOKS stakers in a linear format per block over the next 6,500 block period.

How do trading rewards work?

  • Users who trade any NFTs on LooksRare earn trading rewards in the form of LOOKS, LooksRare’s platform token.
  • Both the buyer and seller of an item earn rewards for their trading volume (except for private sales).