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This page is a work in progress ... working to add questions in here that may arise around the project.

How can I contribute?

Sure, some simple steps below for you anon. We're glad you want to help out:

  1. Head over to the methodology page and take a look at what information we want to capture and how we are using a simple template to make sure all entries for LlamaoGrants stay consistent.
  2. See if the fund you are wanting to add is present on the master list at LlamaoGrants. If not add a row and input the information including date the fund was established, type (look here if questions on differences between grants and incentives) and status (if currently open and accepting applications or closed.)
  3. Once you have created the row and added information create a page out of the name of the fund. Try and name the program with the same naming convention used in formal announcements.
  4. Once in the new or existing fund page you will want to refer to the instructions under methodology for how to use the page template we have for LlamaoGrants.
  5. Fill out the template with whatever information is available. Not all funds publish all information so just list 'not disclosed' or n/a for any situations where information requested is not available.
  6. Make sure you save your work when complete.

Should I change or delete current entries if I think they are wrong or out of date?

No. Before changing any information you feel inaccurate you should start a thread on the page discussion with the author and discuss what information you feel is not current or out of date before enacting changes.

What does this have to do with DefiLlama?

Go ahead and read their mission statement, especially this part: “Our focus is on accurate data and transparent methodology.”  This has been my intent with the project all along and I believe no better place to land and expand than with the Llamas and Lobsters.

What does this have to do with LobsterDAO?

Read their purpose: “first and foremost a crypto community for technical and economic research and discussion, with a strong focus on DeFi”.  The Lobs will be a crucial part in making sure this resource stays maintained and supported..