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JPool is a stake pool on the Solana blockchain network enabling safe, secure, high-yield rewards on your staked SOL.

Why JPool

It's simple

  • You don't need to analyze and compare validators, then keep monitoring those you've picked:
  • We use a sophisticated scoring strategy in order to achieve smart, optimal distribution of SOL stake between all validator nodes participating in the pool.
  • Constant monitoring of all nodes enables the algorithm to proactively identify possible node performance gaps and redistribute the stake to other validators, ensuring top overall returns in every epoch.

It's transparent

  • They maintain full visibility of all processes, strategic decisions made by the JPool engine, and validator ranking/scoring.
  • You can be sure – and check for yourself – that the smart strategy works exactly the way it should.
  • All our fees are also absolutely transparent and listed on the information page.
  • As of now, the epoch fee is 2% of the rewards, which means the effective commission is less than 0.12% p.a.
  • In case of any fee changes, we will inform you about the changes in advance, using all available channels.

It's good for the Solana network

  • Higher decentralization and censorship resistance makes Solana stronger – which in turn makes your SOL rise in value!

How safe is JPool

  • JPool is using Solana Foundation's stake pool program for all operation with the funds; the pool itself has no access to your $SOL whatsoever.
  • Solana Foundation's program has received three audits and is considered as secure as humanly possible. Check out this audit reports