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Access limitless DeFi markets with zero barriers.

Injective Features

Optimized for DeFi

  • Out-of-the-box interoperable orderbook primitives to create mainstream DApps.

Cross-chain interoperability

  • Frictionless communication across sovereign blockchains for a seamless user experience.

Highly secure

  • Tendermint-based proof-of-stake consensus for secure transactions with instant finality.

Intuitive developer experience

  • Flexible and expressive development environments powered by Rust and Golang

Horizontal scalability

  • Lightning fast transmissions across parallel chains for dynamic scalability.

Low fees

  • Vastly lower fees for more inclusive financial products.

Environmentally friendly

  • A 99% lower carbon footprint through Injective’s consensus mechanism.

Fully customizable

  • Ship your products with the ability to swiftly modify any parameter to fit your use case.

Why Build on Injective?

  1. Optimized for decentralized finance: Injective provides out-of-the-box financial primitives such as a fully decentralized order book to allow developers to create mainstream dApps. Applications for instance can leverage the order book to launch exchanges, prediction markets and various other on-chain strategies.
  2. Interoperable: Injective is natively interoperable across a number of sovereign blockchain networks while also being IBC-enabled. Injective is able to facilitate seamless cross-chain transactions across Ethereum, Moonbeam and IBC-enabled chains such as CosmosHub.
  3. Build dApps Using CosmWasm: Injective supports CosmWasm, a novel smart contracting platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem. This means developers can easily launch their own smart-contract powered applications on Injective easily. Smart-contracts that work on other chains supporting CosmWasm can seamlessly be migrated to Injective.
  4. Launch Ethereum and IBC compatible tokens: Since Injective supports cross-chain transactions with Ethereum and all IBC-enabled chains, it means tokens launched on Injective can be exposed to multiple networks by default.
  5. Intuitive developer experience: Utilize flexible and expressive development environments powered by Rust and Golang.