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World's first DAO-governed Web3 Venture Capital funding platform for everyone - where retail investors can access to seed and private round in Web3 project.

Hectagon solution for retail investors

So where does Hectagon fit into all this?

  • There are barriers upon barriers stacked against the individual investor in getting into the best investment opportunities and keeping to a consistent investment strategy.
  • Seed investment is where investors are guaranteed to always make a better return than public.
  • Crypto has given the best returns in the last decade, while the cycle of development of Web3 are still at the early stage, majority of future growth is still to come.

To solve these problems, Hectagon needs to be a platform that:

  • Give direct and indirect access to investors in seed investment opportunities.
  • Easy to start, easy to use.
  • Flexible to exit as needed.
  • It can be scaled to fit both passive and active investors.

HECTA token

HECTA token is the gas that allows Hectagon protocol to run in perpetuity. It has 2 design principles:

100% of Hecta token are minted automatically by the protocol when and only when value is contributed to the protocol

Most token supply is designed to give value to public token holders

HECTA token's total supply is annually planned with the first year total supply is 20,000,000 tokens. Hectagon DAO will decide on the specific number, depends on various factors such as how much DAO can raise fund, how much DAO can investment and the quality of investments.

Tokenomics hecta.png