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Forlend is the first private lending and borrowing decentralized protocol and is built to transform DeFi lending from serving a small segment of users to mass (institutional) adoption and give all borrowers/lenders sovereignty over their transaction data.

Forlend's mining:

  1. Lending mining: enables users to lend, borrow, and earn interest with their digital assets at the same time. Depositors providing liquidity to the protocol earn yield. Forlend supports an over-collateralized model. The Forlend genesis mining kicks off on 8/28 9 pm with high APY.
  2. LP Staking: encourages users to provide liquidity with high rewards by staking their FLD



Lending protocols enjoy dominance in terms of tvl on most layer one ecosystems. Forlend is the first lending protocol launched on the Findora mainnet with liquidity incentive committed from the foundation.


Because transactions are settled on Findora's privacy chain, the asset type, and transaction amount can be protected. Wallet addresses will also be able to be protected from public view.

Interoperable solutions

Assets can be bridged to Findora (via Rialto bridge) and staked on Forlend for extra yield. At the moment, that includes assets on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and soon Polygon. Community-Governed: FLD features a community-oriented tokenomics model; FLD tokens are used to determine voting rights, and holders control the project’s future through the Forlend Improvement Proposals.

Multichain support

Forlend aims to go multichain, starting from Findora, to provide programmable and composable privacy to major web3 ecosystems. Deposit on Chain A and borrow on Chain B in a private manner.

Institutional adoption

permissioned, private liquidity pools for investors, enabling direct access to decentralized markets, with zk-kyc support to comply with regulations.

What is FLD

FLD is the governance token of Folend Finance protocol. 10 million FLD tokens are minted at its genesis and released over a 2-year schedule (token supply and issuance can be updated through future Forlend Improvement Proposals from the community.)

Token utility

  • Liquidity mining: liquidity providers can deposit their assets into Forlend’s liquidity pools to mint fTokens, such as fUSDT, and use fTokens as collateral to borrow other assets. Both lenders (who supply assets) and borrowers are free to earn a certain number of FLD tokens via liquidity mining.
  • Staking incentives: The FLD-FRA LP token staking pool will be launched a week after Forlend’s genesis mining starts. Users can earn extra yield by staking their FLD-FRA LP tokens in the staking pool.
  • Governance: FLD holders receive governance rights, and the ability to vote on Forlend Improvement Proposals. They will collectively decide the future of Forlend protocol, making decisions on things like product features and key parameters.
  • Profit sharing: a portion of the interest paid by borrowers is set aside as reserves, which are collectively controlled by FLD token-holders. Part of the reserve will be used to buy back FLD tokens.

Token Allocation

Token Allocation.png
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