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FlatQube DEX, developed by Broxus, is a decentralized digital asset exchange providing users with a convenient means of exchanging their cryptocurrency. The DEX also provides users with plenty of passive income options through its farming and staking mechanisms. Its underlying network, Everscale, is making decentralized finance (DeFi) an affordable yet inclusive space for all.

How it works

FlatQube is an automated liquidity protocol inspired by the leading market solutions. It is based on a constant product formula and offers a non-custodial, decentralized, censorship-resistant and secure way to provide liquidity and exchange pairs of tokens.

Unlike Uniswap or other Ethereum-based DEXes, FlatQube works on the Everscale network and benefits from its asynchronous execution, high throughput, and fast finality.


Swaps without limits

  • The fastest blockchain. Lots of assets. Negligible gas fees.
  • Plug your wallet in and you are ready to go

Earning opportunities

  • Earn up to 122% in passive income by farming.

No registration and KYC

  • Your privacy does matter. Start using the service right away

No frontruns

  • Everscale design makes frontruns impossible: there are no miners that could collude, and the network has the fastest block finality

No cookies

  • We don't track how you use our service

QUBE utility Token

Stake QUBE to boost your farming returns

  • Depending on staked token amount, holders will be able to increase their farming APY

Get the most out of yield farming

  • Participate in various yield farming programmes with QUBE trading pairs to receive even more QUBE tokens

Participate in FlatQube votes

  • Vote on different vital decisions within the FlatQube ecosystem or create your own own voting proposals

Stake QUBE to earn rewards

  • Stake QUBE tokens and get passively rewarded with more QUBE tokens