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An Interoperable Full-Stack DeFi Protocol on Neo


  • Flamingo is a platform that helps you convert tokens, be a liquidity provider and earn yield.
  • By providing liquidity, also known as staking, you earn yield by collecting fees and getting minted FLM as a reward.
  • Flamingo Finance makes it easy to buy/sell crypto, invest and earn revenue directly on the blockchain.

Token Supply and Circulation

There is a hard cap of 1 Billion FLM tokens, to be minted and released into circulation over the next 17 years. The total supply will be fully minted and released into circulation by the end of 2039. At the time of writing, 337.6 Million (about 1/3 of the total supply) FLM tokens have been minted and are in circulation.

What is the Flamingo Flund?

  • First and foremost, the Flamingo Flund is a DEX-Traded Fund (DTF), similar to an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). Investors can invest FLM into the Flund to earn FLM yield. The Flund is non-inflationary and will not dump the token price once minting is done, as other single-stake pools have been known to do.
  • In the beginning, the Flund will get 20% of the FLM minting rewards distribution, and it will also get roughly 16% of all activities on the platform. When investors invest FLM in the Flund, they’ll receive FLUND tokens. The FLUND tokens will increase in FLM value since it represents the investor’s share of the Flamingo Flund. The Flamingo Flund grows every time a trade is made on Flamingo.