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Ferro is a stableswap AMM protocol on Cronos

Key Features of Ferro Protocol

Ferro Swap

  • Swap supported tokens with low slippage and fees

Liquidity Pools

  • Supply liquidity in exchange for Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens and earn transaction fees proportionate to your contribution

Ferro Protocol Tokens ($FER and $xFER)

Ferro runs on the Cronos blockchain, which supports two types of tokens:

Native CRO tokens for gas transaction fees

  • You will need CRO tokens to pay all the transaction fees (gas) on Ferro and other applications in the Cronos ecosystem

CRC-20 tokens for trading

  • CRC-20 is a token protocol closely resembling Ethereum's ERC-20 for interoperability
  • Except for Native CRO, all other tokens are CRC-20 tokens
  • Tokens native to other blockchains are wrapped into CRC-20 tokens (eg. WBTC, USDC, ETH) to be operable on the Cronos blockchain
  • Both $FER and $xFER in our protocol are CRC-20 tokens