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How Do I Create a Page?

  1. Search for the page you want to create
  2. Click on "Search for pages containing"
  3. Click on the red link after "Create the page" (example snapshot below)
  4. Write the page and save it
How to Create a Page.png

Where is a good place to get started?

An easy place to start is looking at the wanted pages on the wiki and starting to create entries for them.  Below is a link where you can find them:


How is the information categorized?

We are in the process of normalizing the categories in the Wiki.  You will find our current proposed taxonomy here that we will be implementing in the Wiki. You can view the list of active categories at the link below.  Please try and follow the proposed taxonomy rules as a best practice for now as we clean up some of the errant categories.


Is there a page where I can see the overall stats for the Wiki?

Yes anon, there is. It is linked below for your viewing pleasure.


How do I cite information?

To cite information just select the text you wish to cite then click the ‘Cite’ button at the top of the page.  Then click on ‘Basic’.  It will look like this:

How do I cite information? - image 1.png

Next, you’ll want to paste in the link where you are citing the information then click on ‘insert’ in the top right corner as shown below:

How do I cite information? - image 2.png

Can I run reporting on the Wiki?

Yes, it has some basic reporting functionality.  The easiest way to get started with this is to visit the recent changes page.  From here you can click on the ‘active filters’ box at the top and you will see an option pop up to query the wiki in different ways as shown below:

Can I run reporting on the Wiki - image.png