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With currently 16 supported chains, Dx is the biggest IDO Launchpad in the crypto space. As a truly decentralized token management platform, we aim for a low-barrier approach to launching your project.



If a great quantity of tokens is sold too fast, a price shock transpires. This can lead to more panic selling, which usually results in the early death of a project and general loss of capital. Such schemes are commonly referred to as “pump and dump” or “rug pull”. This is why assuring price stability is one of the most important ways to promote trust in a project. By using “DxLock” creators can define when and how many tokens can be sold to reassure investors of their intentions. Of course, investors will be able to use this feature as well as a hedge against fraud or as a means to save up.

Lock Types

Regular Locker

The token Locker works by depositing a certain number of tokens. This ensures that you won’t dump the number of tokens after launch

LP Locker

This Locker keeps the LP tokens you provide in a smart contract to initiate the liquidity pool for your project. Same as the Regular Locker, they help you gain your investors’ trust.

Reward Locker

These lockers are exclusive for tokens with reflection tokens like Tikki/Baby Tokens and guarantee the reflections you make are kept in the Locker. You can claim these rewards whenever you want!

(A 1% fee of the reward tokens is charged for claiming them, this fee goes to our SALE holders.)


Positive reinforcement is a mighty tool to keep your community engaged which, in turn, can facilitate funding efforts. For instance, gratitude can be expressed by rewarding tokens or native currency (like BNB on BSC) to early backers for reached milestones, creating a space of mutual benefit and elevated confidence to further support the project.


Launch Fees on every Blockchain

DAO FEE: 2% of the native currency raised and 2% of the tokens sold are taken and stored into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which is being shared with the holders of SALE tokens.


Revenue Model

  • Their revenue model is based on launch fees and a BuyBackandBurn-Model of our native currency SALE. This works by sending all transactions made on our platform to a Burn Contract, which can be found here.
  • Users can select any token that is being stored in our contract and sell it to a decentralized exchange. SALE token holders can execute the “BuyBack” which uses 50% of the funds to buy tokens from our native currency and send them to the Burn Address daily.
  • In short: 50% of all revenue generated on DxSale goes to buying and burning the token. The subsequent burn of these SALE tokens reduces the supply, making SALE ultra-deflationary.