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Multichain Stableswap 2.0 native on Solana with low slippage, robust stability, and high scalability.

Drachma Mission

Drachma aspires to become the standard Stableswap platform based on Solana technology. The protocol is intended to address the aforementioned concerns and provide all traders in the cryptosphere with a better performing DeFi protocol that provides reduced slippage, greater scalability, and a far better user experience than has previously been available.

Basic algorithm

  • The StableSwap AMM aims to provide low slippage and low fees when trading stablecoins (such as USDC, DAI, USDT, etc). has risen to be the star player in space. Its all-time-high TVL is at 24.3 billion dollars in January 2022. Curve has provided solutions to the expensive fee-bearing method of stablecoin swapping by making provision for the very nature of stablecoins being value pegged.
  • Drachma introduces the innovative Hybrid Acceleration to accelerate the trade and lower the slippage.



  • Drachma charges a certain percentage for each swap as a haircut fee, denoted as f (tentatively, we set f = 0.01%). The fee is charged in the to-token.