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DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a play-to-earn MMORPG with a suite of DeFi tools and mechanics. There is a DEX, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of NFTs which you need to play the game. DeFi Kingdoms is available on Harmony (Serendale) and DFK Chain (Crystalvale). The gameplay is currently idle, consisting of sending your NFT heroes on quests for various in-game items and also experience points that will level-up your heroes.


DeFi Kingdoms has been in development since July of 2021.[1] In September, DFK released an introductory Medium article detailing the purpose of creating DeFi Kingdoms and some features of the project.[2]

DeFi Kingdoms is a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs, and it all plays out seamlessly in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art. We’re excited to release the DeFi Kingdom universe to the world. Come join our lovely community!

The JEWEL token launched on Harmony network on August 22nd, 2021.[3]

The unique liquidity-mining mechanism of JEWEL, the Gardens, released on August 24th. One month later, DeFi Kingdoms already reached $20m+ Total Value Locked (TVL).[4]

DFK released a Hero class teaser on their Twitter on August 26th.[5] Shortly after, the first iteration of the games NFT heroes, Gen 0 heroes were announced to be dropping on September 15th.[6] It was an airdrop mechanism where users had to at least have 5,000 xJEWEL staked in the project's Bank.[7]

A teaser and early-draft of the hero cards were released on September 12th.[8] This design would eventually slightly change but the general layout and information on the card remained the same.

Hero minting officially went live on September 30th.[9] The NFT sale sold out in 11 minutes.[10]


The game-map of Serendale, the Harmony-based realm of DeFi Kingdoms.


DeFi Kingdoms has its own tokens. When DeFi Kingdoms launched on Harmony, the JEWEL token was launched. JEWEL is the token used to do anything on the Harmony version. JEWEL can be used to purchase the Hero NFTS, mint new heroes. JEWEL is used as Gas fees on the DFK Chain.


When DeFi Kingdoms launched on its own DFK Chain, a new token called CRYSTAL was launched. CRYSTAL fills the same roles that JEWEL does, but on the DFK Chain. It is used to buy heroes, staked, pooled for liquidity, and applied to governance votes. The total supply of CRYSTAL is 25% of JEWEL.

Game Mechanics


DFK plans to have a realm for each major blockchain. Serendale is the first realm, launched on Harmony network. The Marketplace contains a trader, vendor, druid and stylist. These all have different roles such as a DEX, LP Related activities, in-game item market and more.

The Tavern is where you buy, sell, rent and list heroes for hire. You can also view heroes and send heroes. The Jeweler is where you can stake your JEWEL. The Portal is where you summon new heroes. The Gardens is where you manage your LP positions. The Alchemist is where you create potions. The Docks is where you bridge tokens, travel to Crystalvale and other functions. Professions is where you can go to quest for various rewards.


Crystalvale also contains Gardens, a Marketplace, a Portal, Jeweler, Tavern, and Meditation Circle. The general gameplay is the same on each realm. In order to bridge heroes to Crystalvale, players had to complete a special quest called the Perilous Journey.